Sunday, April 8, 2007

I live in Japan.

This isn't new. I've been here for three years. In that time I've started...oh, I'd guess four different blogs as an attempt to get back into the habit of writing daily. Will this one work? I'm not optimistic.

But I will try, so let's leading off with a 'how the hell are you' post to remind those of you who know me that I do indeed still live.

I still teach English at Shimin Junior High and Michimori Senior High in Fukui-shi, Fukui-ken, Japan, Land of Make Believe. I vary from many in that I actually like the job, actually like Japan, and am a bit ambivalent about coming home.

I'm married to a nice lady at the moment. Things are interesting. I won't be talking about this aspect of my life because...because.

While in Japan I have enjoyed a lot of Japanese things and hated a lot of Japanese things. I've met people and made friends. I've had a lot to drink and eaten things...well, they aren't standard fare back home in Kentucky. I've forgotten birthdays, missed weddings, and generally been a horrible friend because I live in Japan and it's like being the boy in the bubble. In a theoretical sense I know America still exists, but it doesn't occur to me to really ponder it longer than a few minutes at a time.

I promise from here on out I'll try something more specific.


Sam said...

Hey Rob!,

I stumbled upon this after a random search for Fukui.

How the hell are ya?

I'm missing Japan a lot - especially my kayak, that lake, and all the snow (though I heard you didn't get much this year?).

I'm now working in Edinburgh, as a copywriter/website optimiser - and I'm also continuing to write freelance (check out my portfolio: and work on - which is good fun, and seems to be growing in popularity at a steady rate.

Stay tuned for more Baka Inaka gear, hiting the stores of Fukui soon!

over and out


Rob Brown said...

Hey, Sam! Doin good, looking around for the Next Big Thing(tm) after my third year as an ALT. Smells like Eikawa, honestly, but I'm holding out hope.

The job sounds good, I'll check out your stuff at work today. Always did enjoy reading your blog, I'm sure the post-Fukui writing is first rate as well.

Take care, and come visit us in the Inaka when possible - Rob